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Why Tasmia Tahmid Breast Cancer Care?


  • Personalised Patient Care

  • Integration of Clinical Research

  • Continuous Innovation of the Health System

  • Development of Healthier, More effective Treatments

  • Advance Patient-Physician Interaction

  • Improve Cancer Intervention Options

Why Should a Patient See a Breast Health Specialist?

Patients who have been designated as being at a higher risk for developing breast cancer based on the answers provided on the mammography /ultrasound scan questionnaire should contact their Breast Health Specialist. The Breast Health Specialist will review the patient’s risk assessment and confirm or revise risk factors from the questionnaire to evaluate if a patient is indeed at a higher risk. If after reevaluating the risk factors, a patient is still considered to be at an increased risk for breast cancer, appropriate medical, psychological, and related health enhancing programs will be recommended with the goal of reducing risk of developing breast cancer as much as possible.

To Innovate Research

Physicians and researchers will be teaming up to run various clinical trials across the country that will develop and provide state of the art breast cancer screening and treatment programs. Our goal is to recruit women in the TTBCC research study across the country and monitor their health through decades. The study’s purpose is to advance the science of screening, diagnosis, management, and prevention of breast cancer by improving delivery and approval of new diagnostics, creating customized therapies and common systems that integrate clinical data capture and research across the countrywide network.

Dr. Tasmia Tahmid

We offer patients the benefits of all major treatment methods including surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology for Breast Cancer.
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Our team brings together professionals with experience and expertise in a range of disciplines. The team’s collaboration strengthens the individual treatment plan, encourages patient involvement and ensures a continuous flow of communication. This underlying spirit of cooperation fosters a climate of trust and concern that is conducive to healing.
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We provide the expert treatments and support for Bangladeshi women and to NHS patients affected by breast cancer. Fast track appointments are available to provide you the best information and care to fight the breast cancer.
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