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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery has seen many advances in recent years. There are now many different techniques and types of implant. If you are considering cosmetic breast surgery then being sure that you are having the right operation for you own particular needs is critical. It is many fold more difficult to revise a badly performed cosmetic breast operation than it is to do the right one in the first place.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery - Before Cosmetic Breast Surgery - Before

Cosmetic Breast Surgery - After Cosmetic Breast Surgery - After

Cosmetic surgery requires very careful assessment of your particular needs and desires. It always involves detailed measurement and appraisal of your current breast and body shape to design the option that is most suited to your individual circumstances.

Nowadays, particularly in breast augmentation, when many different implants as well as surgical techniques are available it is important to be sure that the best option for you has been chosen.

What happens when you come for a consultation?

We will first have a discussion and I will ask you a few questions in a relaxed and informal setting with a specialist nurse also present. You will be examined and options will be discussed and recommendations made. We will discuss how your expectations can best be realised and will also have a full discussion about the limitations and risks of this type of surgery. We will look through some pictures showing examples of my surgery that are relevant to your particular case. You will have the opportunity for further discussions at a further appointment for no extra cost and any surgery performed will be in the safe environment of The Park Hospital. A full aftercare service will be provided with guarantees as described for the individual operations listed.

Dr. Tasmia Tahmid

We offer patients the benefits of all major treatment methods including surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology for Breast Cancer.
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Our team brings together professionals with experience and expertise in a range of disciplines. The team’s collaboration strengthens the individual treatment plan, encourages patient involvement and ensures a continuous flow of communication. This underlying spirit of cooperation fosters a climate of trust and concern that is conducive to healing.
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